About me

Jennifer Antell

” There are no obstacles, only challenges and possibilities!”

I am a 24-year-old cross-country skier from Ostronothnia, Mustasaari. I do my all to succeed in my sports amongst the international elite.  I am a part of the FSS senior-group and the South-Ostrobothnia sports academy. Apart from practicing sport, I study physiotherapy in Seinäjoki.

Club: IF Femman
Coach: Matias Strandvall
Day of birth: 24.12.1993
Hometown: Västerhankmo, Mustasaari
Current residence: Västerhankmo

I love cross-country skiing and sports overall. Dedication is one of my strongest features. I never give up, I am very disciplined and I work long-term to achieve my goals. I am social and have a positive attitude. I am also a nature lover, who brings as much time as possible in the nature.

I am very competitive and almost everything I do can easily turn into a competition. The desire to win and be the best is a great driving force. I love to challenge myself in different ways. In sports I can always develop and become better, which is why I think it is so fun to compete in sports. And of course, the feeling when you force yourself to your very limit and beyond is simply amazing!


I am very passionate about sports and health. I love experimenting in the kitchen making both sweet and salty treats. A nutritional diet is important for me and I value raw ingredients highly.

I want to challenge myself even outside the sports to develop as a person and learn new things. I have always been a very creative person. I let the creativity flow when I am cooking, baking, building my own furniture, planning interior design, photographing, sewing and so on. In my spare time I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, preferably during a training session.


I am an educated masseur, sports masseur and personal trainer. I have also studied sports psychology at the open university. At the moment I study physiotherapy in Seinäjoki (SeAMK).

Sports background

I have actively practiced various sports throughout my life. I have always practiced cross-country skiing. When I was younger also I practiced orienteering and athletics. Orienteering was not ever really my thing. I usually ran as fast as I could, while my partner took care of reading the map. I competed in athletics until I turned 16-years old. When I was 15-years old I started to realize that cross-country skiing was what I loved the most. In time this realization made me want to focus one hundred percent on xc-skiing.

Several years as over-trained

After deciding to focus on cross-country skiing I aimed my eyes at the top and the very best athletes in the sport. With great motivation and persistent dedication while being my own coach I increased the amount of training hours with 100-200 hours per year over the next few years. As a 20-year old back in 2014 I reached a significant training amount of 970 hours. The shear amount and intensity of training, while also striving to be a top student was an equation that did not end up well. During 2013–2015 I was over-trained and suffered from plenty of smaller injuries and illnesses. Finally, I came to insight that a radical change was needed. I sought help and slowly started to make my way back both mentally and physically. For that I am grateful to my parents, relatives and friends, the sports doctor Harri Hakkarainen and the mental coach Christoph Treier.

More experienced and with a changed focus, in 2017, I started working together with my coach, a former cross-country skier in the Finnish national team, Kalle Lassila. From the year 2019 Matias Strandvall have been my coach, also him a former cross-country skier in the Finnish national team.

I usually participate in running, roller skiing and biking competitions in the summer. After qualifying  for a place in Team Toughest Finland in 2018 I started participating in obstacle course racing with a burning interest and great eagerness.

Future goals

My dream is to be able to do my all to reach my full potential as a cross-country skier and succeed amongst the international elite. After my carrier I want to be able to say that I did my all to become as good as I could ever become.

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