I am very grateful for the collaborators who believe in me and make it possible for me to do my all to reach my full potential as an athlete.

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Scandic Trans is a transport company hauling all types of transports in Finland and all over Europe. The company is an expert in temperature controlled transports. Competent staff do the work safely and efficiently.

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Car service Firma M. Knip in Koivulahti understands your vehicle. The company also works with interior finishes and boat service. If you have a problem with your car or boat, just bring it to Firma M. Knip and the guys over there will get the work done!

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Andreas Knips Hembageri bakes breads and pastries. No matter what the occasion, weekday or the finest celebration, the bakery has something to offer you. The bakery is located in Koivulahti.


Kvevlax Sparbank/Koivulahden Säästöpankki is the bank that is there for you. Their professional staff offers versatile and smooth service with a smile on their lips.


Tesses Café is a beautifully located restaurant next to Vassorfjärden. Go and have an ice cream, drink a cup of coffee, enjoy lunch, pizza or ala carte. The restaurant has a cabinet that is available for both meetings and celebrations.


Hamec in Västerhankmo works with subcontracting, repair work and manufactures series products. The company is primarily oriented towards ecological agriculture.


Rakennuspalvelu Enlund Oy offers a wide range of construction and sheet metal services. The company also have a sheet metal unit. There clients include both residential properties and businesses. Their main operating areas are Vaasa and Mustasaari.

Tages Taxi from Västerhankmo offers taxi service and car rent.


Noname manufactures high-quality sportswear. The clothes are also functional and very good looking. Noname offers clubs a wide range of clothing with their own designs and colors for cross-country skiing, orienteering, track and field etc. Also, companies and other customers can buy clothes from the online store. Noname´s “MyDesign” offers the possibility to create clothing with your own unique design.

Leki makes products for cross country skiing, alpine skiing and trekking. Their Fin Vario system makes it very fast and easy to change the baskets on your poles.


Rossignol manufactures high-quality skis and poles for cross-country skiing among other things. I love the feeling the skis provide. I can warmly recommend their Skin-skis for both amateur and elite skiers!


Team Sportia Mattsson is a sports shop in the center of Pietarsaari. The shop has a wide range of gear for different sports and activities. The wide range of gear, professionalism and great customer service are some of the reasons why I purchased my equipment from Team Sportia Mattsson.

8 gym

8 Gym Kvevlax is a well-equipped gym with facilities for group exercise. Apart from free weights and fitness equipment, they also have a Skierg for training cross country skiing as well as monkey bars and a climbing wall.


Lundbergs Massage located in Koivulahti shares the facilities with 8 Gym Kvevlax. Johan Lundberg is an educated masseur and sports masseur.

Beauty Office is a hair salon that offers treatments for your hair, eyebrows, lashes, hands and nails. The salon uses environment friendly and high quality products from Davies.


JoyActor manufactures electronical devices with great quality for people in action. The company has although a bigger goal, it wants to be a role model for both individuals and other companies. With their slogan Recycle Joy visible in everything they do JoyActor spreads joy and helps others.


SmellWell keeps your shoes dry and smelling well. Their small fabric bags absorb moisture, eliminate odors while giving away a fresh scent. Perfect for physically active persons. You can also use the fabric bags in gloves and gym bags.


IF Femman is my club. Thanks to the club I have gotten to know many people, found a great community, learned how to train and built motivation to focus my all on sports. The club provides important mental support as well as economic support. The greatest of thanks to the club, its ambitious parents/coaches and the collaborators of the club.


FSS, Finland Swedish Cross-country skiing federation plays an important part in my carrier. The federation with their skilled coaches organises training camps and the FSS-service helps with the preparation of skis during championships and other major competitions.

Kalle Lassila, my coach

And last but not least, my dad and mom!

Would you like become a part of this energetic team?

Are you and your company interested in health, well-being, nutritious food or sports? Is the nature important to you?

The world of sports offers a great market forum for products and services. Take contact and we can together discuss how to collaborate and help each other reach our goals, while telling a common story.

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